Avalon’s ‘Dark Horses’

I don’t know how many of you have watched this DVD but part of the story talks of a group of kids, who have never played chess before, getting some coaching and heading off to the National Chess Championship, just like Avalon School did last weekend.

Our team qualified third in the regional chess tournament and with that placing they were invited to compete in the National ChessPower tournament.

We were ranked 13th out of the twenty teams so we would have to play well to move up the rankings.


And play well, we did! Each player would have nine games over the course of the day. All of our players won at least half of their games, even though we made a few silly mistakes.

We also had a friendly rivalry with Naenae School, as we know them well and have played against them a few times. Naenae were ahead of us the whole way through the tournament, right up to the last round. It was only in this last round that we were able to over take them as we finished up in fifth position and they finished up in eighth. This was an amazing achievement for both teams.

We would like to thank Scott who helped us to get chess started at Avalon School, Max who has honed our skills even further teaching us advanced skills and strategies and Derrell for designing our shirts and regularly letting us beat him.

We also want to thank our many supporters who travelled to Hamilton to cheer us on, even though you weren’t allowed to cheer, and also the Board of Trustees who helped to finance this trip.

We have already started planning for next year but we need more ‘Dark Horses’ who are committed to learning to play chess. However before we get to far ahead of ourselves we need to do well in the regionals.

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