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Last week, Room 9 went to the Capital E Arts Festival in town. It was such an amazing day! We saw three shows that were all really different. Here are some of our highlights . . .


Wednesday was the best day ever! I loved all the shows, but my favourite was definitely Wolfgang’s Musical, Magical Circus because it was really funner and entertaining. My favourite part was when they did a fight in slow motion!      Adele

I loved today! Wolfgang and Gabez were my favourite shows. I opened my mouth like “aaahhh’ because I was so amazed!      Ahmed

On Wednesday, we went on a trip to three shows. I really liked the last one, Gabez, because it was so funny! My friend Mia came which I enjoyed. In the Wolfgang show, a man stood and balanced on the woman – it was amazing!     Rylee

My highlight of today would have to be the Wolfgang concert because the girl and the boy were working together and that’s how they were able to make all the tricks work. It was really funny when the conducting sticks kept coming out of Wolfgang’s hands. They were so flexible! All of the actors and performers did a really good job at all the shows!     Lukus

I just loved Gabez! When I entered the show I was amazed! I really liked the different actions and acting they did, and they had really funny moves.      Yasmeen

The lights were flashing in our eyes and the music was amazing! My favourite show was Wolfgang’s Musical, Magical Circus. The music was beautiful and the performers stacked all of the chairs and climbed and balanced and did tricks on top of them!     Jade

Gabez were like mimes at the start which was really interesting to watch. I liked their dancing and songs they used were some of my favourites. My favourite part was the kung fu panda. They were so clever and funny!     Ezrah

I enjoyed all of the shows we went to, but my favourite would have to be Wolfgang. I liked it because the girl lifted the man and did all the tricks, but usually the man would lift the woman – she was so strong! The last show we went to was called Gabez. I loved when the danced and switched voices with a duck!     Lillian

We had such a wonderful day! We were thoroughly entertained, laughed, sang and enjoyed ourselves. We were pretty tired at the end of it (and a few of us even had a nap on the bus ride home!). Thank you to Capital E for putting on such a fabulous day for us, and to the parents and teachers who made it all happen!

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