Emily’s class



What’s happening in Room 8?

In maths we will: continue working on our addition and subtraction facts, develop our multiplication methods and solve word problems. We will also focus on our times tables as they will support our multiplication and division skills.

In reading we will: focusing on making inference (reading between the lines!), looking at letter sounds to support the flow of our reading and using/developing our library skills. Learning the raw letter sounds, so we can segment and blend unfamiliar words.

What is SportStart? Developed at Sport Canterbury, SportStart is a resource and professional development package for schools and sports clubs. SportStart aims to improve young people’s physical literacy. This philosophy is based on developing fundamental movement and sport skills in tandem with critical thinking and communication skills.

If you have any worries or concerns (or just want a chat), catch me before or after school, alternatively email me: e.graham@avalon.school.nz


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