Pod 6’s Healthy Fruit and Vege Lunchbox snacks!

As part of our Human Body topic, we have been learning about eating healthy food.

We discovered that we need more fruit and vegetables in our lunchboxes! So we did some research and selected some healthy fruit or vege lunchbox snacks to make.

We worked in teams and made some yummy, healthy snack creations!

Like fruit kebabs, fruit hedgehogs, strawberry roses, vege faces and celery peanut butter snails.

IMG_2236 IMG_2232 IMG_2231Q:K

Here is Adele and Aaryan’s recipe for fruit kebabs.

Today me and Aaryan made rainbow fruit kebabs. I love fruit kebabs because they are so fresh.

Here are the fruits you need:

Strawberries, orange, banana, kiwifruit, blueberries and green grapes.

First you cut of the green bits on the strawberries. Then you cut up the orange.

Next you cut up the banana. After that you cut up the kiwifruit.

When you are finished all that, you stick the fruits in rainbow order on a kebab stick and eat it!


Fruit and vegetables are in the EAT MOST!

    E:LE:V  BIMG_2228

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