Kōkakos’ Water Experiment


Leena and Adele

So you’re interested in the water cycle? Well you’ve come to the right place. Our names are Adele, Keshia and Leena, and this is going to be all about room 10’s exciting water experiment. 

Room 10 has been learning about the water cycle and its process, so we decided that we wanted to hold an experiment and see the water cycle in progress. 

First, we mixed blue food colouring with water and poured it into multiple bags then, we put them in different places around the classroom. We have been observing the bags three times a day. Over time, the sun has come out and most of our bags evaporated (turned into gas and floated up.) The bags that weren’t in the sun have different results so here is a guide. 

What has been happening inside all of our different bags:

Sunny bag: 

Very condensated, little bit of precipitation, a lot of steam, looks very warm.

Partly sunny: 

Looks a bit like the sunny bags (but not as much steam), tiny bit of condensation, and again, it looks very warm.

Whiteboard bag: 

No more than 50 droplets of precipitation, no steam, nothing exciting, nothing happening, looks kind of cold.

Art area/shelf:
Looks kind of boring like the whiteboard bag, more droplets than the whiteboard one, but only about 25-35 more droplets and very calm.

Shady bag:

Bigger water droplets, a bit less exciting than the partly sunny bag.

NOTE FOR ALL BAGS: They look like jello/jelly.

We’ll keep you updated when we can gather more information about our projects and evaluate our findings. I hope you have enjoyed hearing about what we have been learning in room 10.


By Leena, Keshia and Adele 


Rahera and Keshia

Heneesy and Ahmed

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