Room 14 makes Steady Hand Games

This term Room 14 has been learning all about electrical circuits. They have learn how to make a variety of circuits using wires, bulbs and batteries. They have also invented their own switches to put in the circuits and have learnt about conductors, insulators, parallel and series circuits.

This week it was time to put everything they had learnt into action and create a steady hand game. They had to create a circuit that had a light that glowed when the wire was touched.

IMG_20170907_121728IMG_20170907_121757 IMG_20170907_121706IMG_20170907_132718IMG_20170907_121722IMG_20170907_121714

Once we had finished making the games we got to try out each others and some of them were hard.

IMG_20170907_132907IMG_20170907_132916 IMG_20170907_132740 IMG_20170907_132723     IMG_20170907_132645  IMG_20170907_132702

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