Middle School/Special Learning Centre

“Meeting Needs of Students with Special Needs.”

“Middle School” is situated in the heart of Avalon Primary School and caters for primary aged children with special needs. It consists of three spacious classrooms, a multi-sensory room and a large garden play area.


Programming: The daily programme is diverse and regularly evaluated. We adapt the New Zealand Curriculum to meet the needs of individual children in our class. Literacy, communication, community awareness, sensory and maths are some of the learning activities offered to our students. Specialists from the Ministry of Education Special are part of the team around each child and family, supporting leaning outcomes. All children work towards the goals from their Individual Education Plan (I.E.P). Parents are an integral part of the goal setting process for their children.


Staffing: The high staff-to-student ratio in Middle School allows for a variety of concurrent programmes and quality individual teaching time. The staff are caring and very experienced. They have attended courses both locally and overseas to ensure students receive the best learning opportunities.


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