One week in Lockdown

Kia ora koutou e te whanau,
One week on from when we were ordered into lockdown. How’s it going for you all.
I know the teachers are working hard to try and get in touch with you all. While it is school
holidays, now until 15 April, you can expect to hear from your child’s teacher at least once a
week. If this hasn’t happened it may be because they do not have your current contact
details. If you haven’t heard from your child’s teacher please contact me directly on
0272717119 or and I will follow it up.
If you know any parents who are on facebook please get them to access our facebook page
so that they can keep up to date with what is happening with Avalon School during this
The teachers of all kids are meeting regularly through zoom or google meet to make sure
they are ready to put programmes in place for the kids once the holidays are over.
I sent through a link for NZ Geographic recently and I will put this in again.
There is such a lot of information on the daily items they are putting out. While some of it is
a bit wordy, the activities at the end are quite simple and generally achievable with things
you may already have in your house. I have already found out all about Bumblebees and am
looking forward to the video and information about Orca’s in today’s one.
If you have a pack of cards at home you can make up a number of activities for all levels of
kids in your home. A simple one would be to turn over two cards and add or multiply them
together. Same thing can happen if you have dice. First one to call out the answer.
I am going to try and teach Sarah how to play Cribbage, a game I used to play with my dad.
It’s a good time to learn new skills and games.
Make sure that you and your kids are doing some exercise and getting fresh air in your local
Look after yourself and don’t forget to reach out if you need any support whatsoever

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