The facts and figures do not give an accurate picture of  Avalon School. We accept every child who walks in the door regardless of their background or history. We have developed a reputation as a caring school that gives all children a fair deal. This has led to us attracting children who often need additional support, love and care. All children deserve the opportunity to have access to the high quality learning experiences that we provide. As a school we have made a commitment to support our children and our families through the many issues that they face on a regular basis. We seek to strengthen this relationship as much as we can. At Avalon School we have our challenges but everyday we are greeted with smiles, hugs and so much love that it makes it all worthwhile.

Our Foundations

You BelongNōu te aoO lou fa-a-sinomaga

There is a place for every person who walks in the door. You and your child will be welcomed and valued.

Be YourselfMe pono ki a koe anōTumau ia te oe

The only way that we can form genuine sincere relationships is if we can be ourselves. Children are very open and honest and the expectation is that the staff will follow this lead. Relationships are two way and children will only form relationships with people they believe genuinely care about them and value them for who they are.

Be in control of your learningKo koe tōu ake rangatiraIa iai le fa-autauta i lou ola a-o-a-oina

At Avalon School we are all expected to care for each other. If a child gets hurt or is feeling upset then usually a friend, an older child or a staff member will support them. This ensures that any incidents of bullying are identified quickly and dealt with immediately.

Be CompassionateMe aroha mutunga koreO lou nau-nau-ta-iga

We trust all of our children to make good decisions but as you all know we learn from making mistakes. If a child at Avalon does make a poor choice then we will work with that child to assist them to make a better decision next time. It is important that the child is given the opportunity to remedy the situation and then move on.

Show wisdom in your decision-makingMe whakaaronui i roto i āu whakaritengaIa fa-ailoa lou atamai i lau fa-aiuga fai

We expect our kids to become independent learners and take responsibility for their actions. Our teaching is aimed at engaging the children and encouraging them to take their learning as far as they can. They will always be given support if required.

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