Pod 2’s Family Treasures

In Pod 2 we have been sharing special treasures from our families, as part of our BEING ME topic. We have talked and written about our treasures, here are some to share ..

IMG_2682 (1)I have a pounamu. It is made out of greenstone. It is cool. It is heavy. I got my pounamu from my mum and dad. I wear it when I go to a tangi. It is special to me.


IMG_2699My treasure is an ili. It looks like a fan. The colour is brown like a mushroom colour. It is made from weaving leaves. It is really special because it is from Samoa. My mum got it from Samoa. I was still in mummy’s tummy!


IMG_2701I have a necklace. My dad gave it to my mum. It is from the Solomon Islands.


IMG_2680I have a necklace and it’s made out of shells. It is white and brown. The string is black. My dad gave it to me. I lost mine so it’s my brother’s necklace. It’s for being Samoan.


IMG_2722 (1)My treasure is my dress. My mum gave it to me. It is from South India. I wear it some days.


(come and visit Pod 2 to see the rest of our family treasures!)



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