Rachel’s class

Welcome to Room 10!


Firstly, thank you all for the wonderfully warm welcome to Avalon School. It is an honour to have joined the team here and it has been so nice getting to know all of the students over the last few weeks. My door is always open, so feel free to come in and meet me!

Term 1
There is a lot happening in class this term. We are doing lots of work around becoming confident individuals and understanding the different cultures, religions and traditions within our class and the world.

We have been working hard creating different character descriptions, developing our use of descriptive language.

We have made new Study Ladder accounts where students have set tasks in Maths and Literacy. This can be accessed and worked on at home too- they should have a slip with their passwords and usernames in their bags.

Stay tuned to see some of the awesome work we create this term!








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