Room 9’s Busy Term

Wow, the students in Room 9 have been very busy towards the end of this term!

In weeks 6 and 7 Room 9 created a class waka together. This waka represents the students, their families, and their values. The students expressed the type of class environment they wanted in Room 9 and from there they created a waka. They painted it red, black and white. A few of the boys also created an awesome river pole to put at the back of the waka. They drew waves and seaweed and fish to give it full effect. It is now up on the wall so feel free to come in and have a look at the wonderful waka!

In weeks 8, 9, and 10 the students have been focusing on electricity for their topic. They have been learning about simple circuits and conductors and insulators through different experiments. The students have showed lots of enthusiasm towards learning about electricity, it has been great! Photos to come soon.

In week 9 the whole school was lucky enough to have Richard Scholes perform his show The Magical World of Crazy Science. Through lots of humour and some amazing visual experiments, Richard taught the students about several science concepts like energy, friction, and gravity. He made elephant toothpaste at one point! More photos to come here as well.

Enjoy the holidays and I look forward to seeing you next term!

Ka kite ano.

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