Room 9 are Scientists!

Room 9 were really lucky to be invited to spend a morning with 3 Otago University scientists last week. When we arrived, we had to get ready with our lab coats, gloves and safety glasses. Throughout the morning, we experimented with vaccines, extracted DNA from strawberries, looked at cells through microscopes, made lava lamps and made rain clouds in cups!

We had the best morning and learnt SO much about science! Otago University also put on the most amazing morning tea for us – we came back to school feeling very full and very excited to explore more science!IMG_7284Pumau looking at onion skin cells through the microscope

IMG_7285Ahmed, AJ & Donovan looking at cells from their cheeks!

IMG_7282AJ, carefully rubbing the swab onto the glass slide (the swab had been rubbed inside AJ’s cheek to collect skin cells)

IMG_7278Gurnoor, Aaryan & Ahmed extracting DNA from a strawberry

IMG_7272Dawn’s raincloud in a cup

IMG_7267Donovan’s rain cloud – we made them with water, shaving cream and food colouring. We had to very carefully use a pipet to drop the colours, then watch them filter through the shaving cream cloud.


AJ & Jeremiah making lava lamps inside test tubes

IMG_7263Devon, making a rain cloud – using a pipet to drop the colours in

IMG_7258Rahera & Azaliah making lava lamps

IMG_7257Dawn and Adele tested their ‘vaccines’. If the test tube liquid turned yellow (like Adele’s), that meant the vaccine had worked! If it turned red (like Dawn’s) it meant the vaccine was unsuccessful.


Lillian & Aiesha with their vaccines. Lillian’s successfully protected against the ‘virus’


Lukus & Rylee with their ‘vaccines’ – both vaccines worked!


AJ and Donovan mixing together the ‘vaccine’ – we had to measure very accurately using syringes.


Roxy and Erika mixing their ‘vaccine’


The boys inverting (gently tipping from side to side) their strawberry mixture to extract the DNA

IMG_7236Ezrah, checking out the strawberry DNA that he extracted

IMG_7235Strawberry DNA that we extracted!
IMG_7231 Strawberry DNA
IMG_7229 Onion skin cells

IMG_7227 Onion skin cells

IMG_7226Looking at cells through the microscopes

IMG_7225Cheek cells – from our own cheeks!
IMG_7223 IMG_7222 IMG_7219 We had to be really careful when changing the slides in the microscopes. The slides are made of thin glass.

IMG_7218 IMG_7215Dressed and ready to do some experiments!

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