School Trips and Activities

We all know that school trips and additional experiences add to the richness of the topics being studied. Often these field trips involve travel and/or cost. Avalon School does not want any child to miss out on these valuable experiences so in many cases the school will either subsidise or absorb the cost. However our funding is not unlimited and I want to get some of your suggestions as to how we can address this issue before it comes to the point of us not being able to offer them at all.

We have a similar situation in regard to transport. We have the school van but this only takes 11 children, less than half a class. If the teacher uses their personal vehicle this increases the number to 15. A class of 25 children would still need three parents to offer cars to transport the entire class. Currently we struggle to get this number of parents, willing or able to commit to this. Again I am asking for your suggestions and ideas about how we can solve this issue to ensure our kids don’t miss out.

Kia ora tatou


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