So what do you think?

Good Morning and welcome to all those who are following and have an interest in Avalon School. After a few false starts our new website is up and running. I am really interested in getting some feedback on it so far. It is obviously a work in progress and we will be loading information as it comes to hand. If you have any thoughts about issues that you want to discuss please be in touch. The website belongs to the community of people who have an interest in our school. Looking forward to your comments and feedback.


4 Responses to So what do you think?

  1. Fatima says:

    How very exciting! Avalon primary has a website.. finally! It’s looking good, the only thing I would change is the placement of the “Search bar” it may be a bit hard to see – accessibility-wise. I would have it sitting on the colours on the top right-hand side. Just below the picture of the mum reading to her son?

    (Yonis’s mum) 😀

  2. Dirk Winnie says:

    Thanks Fatima. I don’t know much about website design but I will contact our designer and see how difficult/expensive it is to move

  3. Supriya Sharma says:

    Hello Mr Winnie ,
    Hope you are doing good! Looking at school website remind me of so many wonderful memories and moments that I spend with students. I moved to Birmingham 6 months back and now Viraj is also settled in his new school and doing well. I really miss avalon and my school staff. The school website is really fantastic and looking vibrant. Please convey my sincere regards and heartiest wishes to all school staff of Avalon primary. My best wishes are always with Avalon. Have a great year ahead !
    Best Regards
    Supriya Sharma

  4. Nethran says:

    I know I’m two years late, but awesome website Mr Winnie! A great place to post developments, and kids work too!
    Hope all is well! Don’t stop being cool! 😀

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