A message from our Principal

Kia ora koutou ki te whanau o Avalon School,

I speak on behalf of our Avalon School Family when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the Christchurch Mosque shootings.

As the horrific events of last Friday in Christchurch began to unfold, your child(ren) were playing alongside each other in harmony in our playground. They would soon go back into their classrooms were they would be safe, sitting and learning alongside friends and peers.

Every classroom at Avalon School is a picture of diversity with many different cultures and religions working alongside each other.

That very afternoon we were going to be relaxing and enjoying the company of other Avalon School families at our school picnic. Games would be played and food would be shared. Everyone would be welcome. This is the spirit of New Zealand and Avalon School.

One of our School Foundation statements is ‘You Belong’ and I want to reiterate that again, particularly to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters. At Avalon School you will always be welcome.

The attack on Friday was an attack on all New Zealanders. This hatred has no place in our society. I am writing this on Sunday afternoon, still stunned and shocked by this event, however, I know that I will walk into Avalon School on Monday morning to be greeted by numerous children who will be laughing, playing and learning alongside each other, blissfully unaware of the differences of skin colour or religion of their friends.

Although New Zealand will have changed as a result of the events of Friday 15 March, Avalon School will continue to welcome every person who walks in through the door.



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