Pod 2: Swimming Fun!

I can get into the pool safely. I turn around and hop in. I can do a starfish and I can do rocket arms. I can swim on my back and turn onto my tummy.

~ Kassidy ~


I was doing back floating on my back. Next I was having a board. We have to hold the board on my tummy and we have to kick and swim one lap around the pool.

~ Charles ~

I can do the rocket. It is fun. You always have to keep your arms straight. I can do the back float. You need two boards or else you will sink. We learnt how to do the doggie paddle.

~ Loki ~


I can do a star fish on my back and on my front in the big pool. I have been learning how to swim. I know how to call for help with my board.

~ Waikauri ~


You hold the board and then you kick your legs. We learn about holding the silver bar and kick our legs. The thing that helps us at swimming time is the board.

~ Faith ~





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