The Great Outdoors

This term we have a camp themed topic – ‘The Great Outdoors’. We started off by looking different outdoor obstacle courses. We had to do quite a bit of research to see how the obstacles worked and how they were made. Then, we designed and built our own using wood, ropes, netting and other common items found around the school. We also utilised some of our playground equipment.

We mapped out our obstacles and set them up. Then, the fun part . . . we ran our course!

It was really challenging (and exhausting!). But we all persevered and completed the course, which made us all really proud.

We linked out topic to maths and writing. We learnt about mapping, measurement and how to draw scaled down images. For writing, we described our experiences of building then running the course (you can come and check out our awesome writing in Room 9).

IMG_7294 IMG_7296 IMG_7298 IMG_7299 IMG_7301 IMG_7309 (1) IMG_7312 IMG_7314 IMG_7316 (1) IMG_7317 (1) IMG_7321 IMG_7324 IMG_7329 IMG_7330 IMG_7331 IMG_7333 IMG_7334

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