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IMG_2275 IMG_2297 IMG_2605 IMG_2298Last term we finished up our football skills, which we loved doing. We also completed and launched our rockets that we made. We learnt how important it was to make changes to our design during the engineering process, as some of our fins came off and our rockets didn’t fly well at first because they didn’t have a proper nose cone. This term we have started learning about learning. When we try challenging learning, we go into a learning pit where we need to persevere and sometimes ask for help from others. If we stick to easy things, it’s boring and we don’t learn as much. Challenging learning is way more interesting and helps us improve. We have also started basketball skills this term, which sent most of us into the learning pit as the drills we practised were really challenging. As we take risks, we will get better and eventually master these new skills. We’re looking forward to some challenging learning this term and learning all about the great outdoors!

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