The river pole


The totem pole
The totem pole

The river pole is an iconic part of the school’s identity, as can be seen in the Avalon School logo.

The story is the story of the Hutt River – Te Awa Kairangi.

At the top are the Rimutaka Mountains. This part of the pole has copper inlays which are oxidisng and turning green. The sculptor also burnt the pole around the top to areas to represent the forest fires that have occurred in this area. He has also inlaid some glass to represent the snow glistening on the mountains.

The river is carved into the pole and small triangles of old computer screens have been inlaid to represent the river and also the glasshouses that used to dominate this area when they were market gardeners. The river wends it’s way down the pole and there are representations of trout, the extinct Huia and wild pigs as well as spiders.

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