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The Facts

Avalon School is a Decile 2 school situated in the Hutt Valley. There are approximately 240 children are on the roll. A number of the children are funded through the Ongoing Resource Scheme. These children have significant learning difficulties and/or physical disabilities. Many of these children are taught in a Special Needs Unit although some children spend time in the mainstream or are fully mainstreamed.

We also have a number of children who are on the roll of the Supplementary Learning Support Teacher. These children also have learning delays and they have a level of support that follows them for the rest of their formal education journey.

Avalon School is a very culturally diverse school with children coming from 14 different ethnic backgrounds.

We expect our kids to become independent learners and take responsibility for their actions. Our teaching is aimed at engaging the children and encouraging them to take their learning as far as they can. They will always be given support if required.

Commitment to you and your child through;

Staffing – The most important asset that any school can have is dedicated staff. Every child at Avalon School is taught by a dedicated teacher. A teacher who is knowledgeable, caring and passionate about teaching and learning. Your child may also be interacting with a number of support staff though out the school, from the office to the classroom. These staff members are also keenly interested in the well being and education of your child.

Resources – Avalon School is an exceptionally well resourced school. In addition to all the text based resources that you would expect to see in a school, we also have a large number of new technology resources available to all classrooms including; computers, digital cameras, video cameras and data projectors. All these resources are available for children to use independently.

Facilities – To supplement the learning that occurs in the classroom we have a number of additional spaces, including a hall for physical activity on wet days, an information literacy area with approximately 20 Apple Macs and an extensive library. We have an Arts and Technology Centre that helps us deliver this area of the curriculum effectively.

Organisation – We appreciate the need for children to get a good grounding in the core subjects of Numeracy and Literacy. At Avalon we have organised our school day to ensure that each child has 2 hours of Literacy and 1 hour of Mathematics each day. We also acknowledge the importance of physical activity. In addition to the exercise they get during their break times, we schedule an hour of physical exercise each week for all children.


Your child will be with us for at least 6 hours a day. During that time I imagine that you would want to know that they are well cared for and loved. At Avalon School you will find staff that will spend the time getting to know your child, forming a genuine and sincere relationship. This relationship is crucial and becomes the basis upon which we can build the learning.

Behaviour Management

The cornerstone of our Behaviour Management System is that we are all accountable for our actions and behaviour. It begins from the time children start at Avalon School. We do not operate a reward or punishment system. Children are expected to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. We recognise that children will occasionally push the boundaries and possibly behave in a manner that is inappropriate. This behaviour cannot be undone so our emphasis is on ‘putting it right’ and discussing alternative solutions with the child should the situation should ever arise again. Having said that, all children have the right to a safe physical and emotional environment. There are processes in place that deal with any circumstance that threatens this right.


Above all you will get honesty. Early in the year we will meet with you to discuss with you what aspirations you have for your child and generally find out from you anything that will help us to build a relationship with your child to maximize their learning opportunities.

We will provide you with a written report on your child’s progress and achievement twice a year, once in the middle of the year and once at the end of year. There will be an opportunity to follow up on the mid year report with a conference between you, your child and the teacher.

We also have evenings during the year when we celebrate and share the terms work from each class. Family and friends gather to hear the knowledge the children have learned and view a practical demonstration of the skills gained throughout the term. Generally this is followed by a supper where you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s friends and other parents.

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