The Wonder Project!

Throughout Term 2, Room 9 took part in the Wonder Project Rocket Challenge. The Wonder Project is an awesome programme where schools are partnered up with a local engineer and some amazing resources to learn about, design and build water powered rockets!

We learnt a lot about science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) as we had to use all of these, along with some creativity, to design and build our own rockets. To make our rockets fly high, we experimented with force, pressure, friction and thrust. Check out some of our experiments below. And watch this space for some incredible rocket launch videos!!


Roxy and Donovan exploring friction and force by moving a card with the coin, over the top of a jar. The more force (moving the card) you apply, the less friction holds the coin in place. Eventually, with enough force, the coin will fall into the jar


We were really lucky to get to work with Wayne, he is an engineer. Here, we are learning about force and mass. The more force and mass you apply, the higher the milk bottle will fly into the air!


To explore force and aerodynamics, we made cardboard nose cones which we placed on top of an empty milk bottle. We applied force to the bottle by clapping our hands on either side of it, which made the nose cone fly into the air. We gathered data about our nose cone flights and realised that narrower nose cones were more aerodynamic and that the more force we applied (clapping our hands together hard and fast against either side of the bottle), the higher the nose cones flew. We used this data to design and make nose cones for our actual rockets.IMG_6782 IMG_6795 IMG_6794 IMG_6792 IMG_6791 IMG_6787 IMG_6786 IMG_6784

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