Together at home #01


Every day of this lock-down New Zealand Geographic will send a story or a video that can be shared among your family. The first one is below, and with it some talking points to fill our days at home together.


Rarest of the rare

Rowi are the rarest of the rare—a species of kiwi so critically restricted in distribution and breeding success that they were almost done for. But a last-ditch effort—codenamed Operation Nest Egg—has dramatically changed the fortunes of the most imperilled kiwi in the world.

FOR YOUNGER READERS: If you’re finding the story tricky, just look at the pictures and figure out what story the photographer is trying to tell.


Talking points

Discuss this story with your family, and use the talking points below to involve younger readers too.

  • Why do you think we should try to save the rowi?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges?
  • If you were able to name a rowi chick, what would you call it?

Task for the day

Find some leaves outside and stick them together into the shape of a rowi on a piece of paper with some tape or glue. This is your opportunity to name it! Send a picture to your teacher, friends and family!

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