Together at home #04


Learn about the kākāpō…

In a land renowned for its unusual birds, the kākāpō—a giant flightless nocturnal parrot with a bizarre breeding system—has to be one of the strangest. Although it has been lingering perilously close to extinction for the past half century, there is renewed hope that this icon of conservation effort has a future after all.


Talking points

Try discussing these ideas with your family at home or over video conferencing. Find ways to involve as many people as possible, especially those who you know are isolated by the lock-down.

  • In the picture of the kākāpō’s island habitat, what do you notice about the places that are considered safest for them?
  • Kākāpō were once found all over Aotearoa. Can you imagine having kākāpō in your back yard? Maybe a thousand years ago, they did live in forest where your house is now!
  • Would you let a kākāpō climb all over you?
  • Why do you think kākāpō smell of fruit?
  • Are you impressed with how well the kākāpō camouflages with the forest floor?
  • What do you think the scientists are doing with the technology in the pictures? How might it be helpful?

Task for the day

Kākāpō are vegetarian. They eat leaves, flowers, fern fronds, bark, roots, bulbs and seeds. Just like most humans, they also really enjoy fruit.

1) How much vegetarian food would a bird find in your garden? Take a walk and count up how many sources of fruit, berries, seeds, fern shoots and other avian snacks are growing. Is your garden a bird’s paradise?

2) Can you get a photo of a bird foraging in your garden? Or write a sentence about which bird you spotted and what they were eating!

Send what you find to your teacher!


Get creative

Draw your own picture of a kākāpō and write about what you have learnt. Share this work with your teacher!

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