We Are One

In Room 9, our topic focus this term has been our Avalon Foundations. Over the past weeks, we have been learning about being proud of who we are, being compassionate and belonging. With the tragic events of Friday 15 March, we wanted to show our support and to let the people of Christchurch and New Zealand know that you all belong!

We thought a lot about what it means to belong and to be a New Zealander. We put our thoughts into words. We belong, we are one, and together we are stronger.

No one should be alone.

You Belong in this world.

Stand up for yourself and others.

Everyone is different.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

We are all loved.

Don’t listen to the ones who are mean.

We are all a big family.

No one is left out.

Everyone cares.

We all get a say.

Everyone has a friend watching over you.


Do not let people make you feel bad.

In New Zealand, at Avalon School,

Whatever you look like,

It doesn’t matter where you’re from,

You are still loved.

By Myer

You belong in this world with your family.

Everyone, don’t let yourself or people down.

I don’t care what anyone or myself looks like.

The people you love and your friends make you safe.

No one cares if you have different beliefs than them.

Good people care for you.

I love caring for other people.

No one should be alone because that’s sad.

Everyone, make good choices.

All for one, one for all.

By Ezrah

You are safe, people care for you.

There are people who love you, everyone is kind to others.

Do not judge people how they speak.

Do not let people make you feel bad.

Everyone is different and that’s good.

It doesn’t matter what you believe in.

Doesn’t matter where you’re from.

In NZ, at Avalon School,

We love that you’re in this world.

We are one!

By Roxy

You Belong in the world.

Everyone is different and that’s good.

Doesn’t matter where you were born.

You are safe and loved.

Doesn’t matter what your beliefs are.

Doesn’t matter what you look like.

Living with integrity.

Doesn’t matter where you’re from.

As long as you’re in the world, we are one.

By Rylee

You are you.

Others are different and the same.

Use your differences for different things.

Be yourself.

Everyone’s differences are good for different reasons.

Love who you are.

Others can help you find your differences.

No one alive is you-er than you.

Go to the place you belong often.

By Adele

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