Year 4 & 5 Camp Week – Unstoppable Phoenix Day 2

Team Unstoppable Phoenix haveĀ been SUPER busy today! The sun was shining and we were excited for day 2 of our camp week. Check out the cool activities that we got up to today!

We had work in teams to get from one side of the field to the other. It was really tricky because we only had two planks! We had to think of strategies to not only move our team members, but also the planks – and all without touching the grass!

IMG_7554 IMG_7555 IMG_7556 IMG_7557 IMG_7558 IMG_7559 IMG_7560 IMG_7561 IMG_7562 IMG_7563 IMG_7565 IMG_7567 IMG_7569

We had our last basketball session with Coach Chris! It was so much fun. Our dribbling and shooting skills have really improved over the 8 weeks of coaching.IMG_7570 IMG_7571 IMG_7572 IMG_7576 IMG_7579 IMG_7580 IMG_7582

Our lunch break was at a slightly different time to everyone else today. We had a great time playing together on the New Park, chatting and chilling out after a full on morning!IMG_7583 IMG_7585 IMG_7586

We worked in teams to put up tents. We had never done this before so it was a bit of a challenge. Each tent had an extra challenge too – one didn’t have instructions and one didn’t have any poles! We had to lots of problem solving, some excellent communicating and work together to get the tents up. We managed to put up both tents and had some fun ‘camping in the bushes’. Getting the tents back into the bags afterwards was almost as hard as putting them up!IMG_7587 IMG_7588 IMG_7590 IMG_7591 IMG_7592 IMG_7593 IMG_7595 IMG_7601 IMG_7611 IMG_7614 IMG_7617 IMG_7618 IMG_7619

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